Mortgage Calculator


A mortgage calculator determines your overall mortgage payment and provides you with a complete payment schedule. The calculator also tells the aspiring applicant how much money they can save by repayments, including how many years it will take to pay off the loan completely. They are automated tools that help people determine the financial implications of different mortgage financing variables. The loan applicants usually use them to figure out their monthly repayments and by the lenders to assess the applicant’s financial capability. The major variables in a mortgage calculator include – the loan principal amount, balance, interest rate, total number of payments, and number of payments to be made annually. A few mortgage calculators consider other expenses such as insurance and local and state taxes when calculating mortgages.

A mortgage calculator’s significant benefit is that it identifies the mortgage payment amount and provides you with a detailed payment schedule. The monthly payment includes the principal amount, including the interest (Bank’s fee for the money borrowed).

How It Works

Uses of a mortgage calculator

When you decide to purchase your dream home, you must use a mortgage to finance a specific portion of the purchase. Before there were mortgage calculators, loan applicants and lenders were forced to use compound interest rate tables to carry out the mortgage calculation. A mortgage calculator gives the lender and borrower peace of mind as their questions regarding the impact in the various mortgage variables are available to everyone. The calculators can be used to answer queries such as:

  • For example, suppose an individual borrows $250,000 at a 7% annual interest rate and agrees to pay the loan entirely over 30 years, including payment of $1500 yearly insurance cost and $3000 annual property tax payment. What is the monthly repayment amount? The answer would be $2142.


With the help of a mortgage calculator, the borrower can determine the type of property they can afford. The calculator can help add up all the income sources of the borrower to all their monthly debt payments. Additionally, it can also factor in other housing costs such as property taxes, etc.; Lenders hesitate to approve a mortgage to borrowers whose monthly expenses exceed around 40% of the borrower’s total income. The mortgage calculator focuses on three vital factors:

  • P = The principal loan amount
  • I = monthly interest rate offered by the lender
  • N = The total number of months required to pay back the loan

Upon calculating your monthly mortgage repayment amount, you must factor in the homeowner insurance premium, including the monthly property tax.

A mortgage calculator can help you:

  • Calculate your payments: You have the freedom to test the flexible payment options, interest rates, and the amount.
  • Choose how much money to borrow: The calculator can determine the amount you can borrow.
  • Pay off your mortgage without any hassle: A mortgage calculator can calculate the prepayment charge if you choose to pay off your mortgage early.
  • With your life and disability coverage: Harpreet Puri Mortgage helps protect your dear ones in the event something unfortunate happens.

Our comprehensive mortgage calculators help borrowers understand the next move they are supposed to take, whether it’s planning a mortgage refinance or getting mortgage financing for your property.

Important mortgage calculator definitions

The total amount of money that a borrower receives from the lender to buy the home.

The cost of borrowing the funds. The interest paid is based on the principal percentage.

In addition to paying the interest amount, the borrower had to pay an additional amount to the local government as property tax. If you are a new homeowner and your equity is less than 20%, you can pay directly to the lender instead of paying to the government.

If you purchase the home outright, it is not required legally, But you will be required to buy home insurance when applying for a mortgage.

If you make a down-payment of less than 20%, it is highly advised that you purchase mortgage default insurance. This policy protects you from the lender if you happen to default payments on your mortgage.

For more information on mortgage calculators or to use the Harpreet Puri Mortgage calculator, please do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced and professional mortgage agents.