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    Applying for a mortgage is not only exciting but also a hassle. Furthermore, having a poor credit history can add to the stress and limit your borrowing options. However, it shouldn’t stop you from being able to secure a mortgage. Even if you have bad credit, you will have access to a complete range of mortgage products from various lenders. Based on your credit score, the chances of you securing a mortgage from a traditional lender may be slim, however, through a private lender, you can obtain one. They specialize in approving mortgages for individuals with bad credit. So you can rest assured; that you will find something for yourself.
    Harpreet Puri Mortgage Agent has a wealth of experience in the industry when it comes to bad credit mortgages. We help individuals find the best mortgage solutions based on their specific needs. Over the years, we have worked with countless people to help them realize their dream of owning a house, at the same time, helping them save time and money. Contact our team today to find out more information.
    Bad Credit Mortgages Mississauga
    Bad Credit Mortgages Mississauga

    How do I Purchase A Home With Bad Credit?

    Purchasing a house with bad credit is similar to any other credit rating. If you have the funds, you can buy it in full, or you can take out a mortgage to make the down payment. To secure a mortgage with bad credit, you will need:

    • To submit proof of income
    • To make a down payment
    • To get the property appraised before purchasing it
    If you obtain better rates and terms, you can have a co-signer to back the agreement. It can be difficult to find a lender to get your mortgage application approved with bad credit, however, it is not impossible to find a lender to cater to your financial request. At Harpreet Puri Mortgage Agent, our team will help you compare prices from different lenders to ensure you don’t overpay. Our sound relationships with several lenders in Mississauga ensure that you make a well-informed decision and choose the right lender.

    Do Bad Credit Mortgages have Affordable Interest Rates?

    1. Build Your Credit Score :

    A higher credit score helps you in securing lower mortgage rates and terms ultimately resulting in you making lower monthly repayments. If your credit score is too low to qualify for a mortgage from traditional lenders, you might need to spend time improving your credit score before applying for a mortgage. Below mentioned are a few tips to improve your credit score:

    Pay your bills on time :

    Ensure you do not miss out on your monthly payments on any of your bills. Failure to pay will impact your credit score.

    Stay under the credit limit :

    Try not to utilize more than 30% of your available limit on your line of credit or credit cards. This will give an impression to credit agencies that you’re a responsible spender.

    Avoid applying for a lot of credit:

    Do not apply for several credit cards. This is a potential red flag to credit agencies that you need immediate funds.

    Avoid applying for a lot of credit:

    Do not apply for several credit cards. This is a potential red flag to credit agencies that you need immediate funds.

    Maintain your oldest account :

    The length of your credit history is important. By removing your old credit cards, you are shortening your credit history. Even if you don’t use your credit card, maintain it, as it increases the length of your credit history.
    By applying the above-mentioned tips, you can start to see your credit score increase in a matter of months.

    2. Save A Larger Down Payment

    Most lenders look at more than just a person’s credit score when considering their mortgage application. They look at several factors such as your debt levels, the size of your down payment and income. In Mississauga, the minimum down payment amount is 5% of the home’s purchase price. If your credit is low, you may be asked to make a higher down payment, as it is risky for the lender.
    For a bad credit mortgage, you will need to save up to 20 – 25% for the down payment. The higher down payment shows that you are financially stable to own a house, at the same time it lowers your mortgage payment. Additionally, you don’t need to pay for mortgage default insurance. It is compulsory to get mortgage default insurance if the down payment made is less than 20%.

    3. Identify A Reliable Bad Credit Mortgage Lender

    For you to get your mortgage application approved by a traditional lender, you need to maintain a minimum credit score of 600. If your credit score is below 600, you will not get approved for a loan from the. Harpreet Puri can find the right private lender that approves your application even if your credit score is not the best.

    4. Consider A Co-Signer Or Joint Mortgage

    Another way to secure a bad credit mortgage in Mississauga is to have a co-signer on your mortgage. A mortgage that is co-signed brings on a third party who acts as a guarantor of the mortgage. They promise to make monthly repayments if you are struggling. Additionally, a co-signer on your mortgage will help you access better rates and terms, as their credit score and income is taken into consideration during the application process.
    However, there are a few risks of getting a co-signer for your mortgage. They take a big financial risk for you. If at some point, you stop making the monthly repayments, they are financially responsible.

    5. Work On Your Next Renewal

    Any bad credit mortgage can be renegotiated at the end of the term. Most terms are usually five years. That is more than enough time to better your financial situation.

    Can You Get A Mortgage With Extremely Bad Credit?

    If you don’t have good credit, you shouldn’t get a loan. There may be different results for credit scores, as they differ in the amount a person’s score varies. Some lenders offer loans to individuals with low credit ratings. But this could also lead to higher rates or charges.

    What Is The Lowest Credit Score Allowed For A Mortgage?

    The required loan amount for most mortgages is generally 620. Government mortgages, like federal mortgage loans, often offer lower credit requirements than traditional fixed-rate loans or ARM loan programs.

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