Debt Consolidation Loan Mississauga

No Income or Credit Qualification required

No Income or Credit Qualification required



Approve Based On Equity

Approve Based On Equity

Low Interest Rates

Low Interest Rates

Affordable & Flexible Financing Options

Affordable & Flexible Financing Options

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    Min $200,000

    Min $25,000

    Stress-free repayment with a debt consolidation loan

    If you’re struggling to make all your monthly payments, you should consider getting a debt consolidation loan. Failure to make your monthly payments on time could lead to you defaulting or potentially going bankrupt. A debt consolidation loan helps individuals pay off all their debts at once with a simple easy-to-make payment plan that suits their financial needs. It is usually offered by a lender to smoothen their repayment process. Instead of paying several debts at the same time, you can just make a single payment with a lower interest rate. Furthermore, a debt consolidation loan can be used to pay off various debts like credit cards and personal loans, including other types of debt . To find out more about debt consolidation loan Mississauga or to schedule an consultation, please do not hesitate to reach out to us today.

    What is a debt consolidation loan?

    A debt consolidation loan is a type of loan that is either secured or unsecured and is taken to help pay off high-interest debts. This type of loan is designed to help borrowers consolidate all their existing loans into one loan that is not only easy to manage but also affordable. Furthermore, italso helps the borrower save money on interest in the long run and helps them eventually become debt-free.
    If you are considering applying for a debt consolidation loan in Mississauga? Speak to our team today. You can rest assured; that we will provide a professional and friendly service.

    Wondering How a Debt Consolidation Program Works?

    Unlike Mississauga credit card debt consolidation, you don’t have any extra debt. Instead of using debt consolidation to help you pay off your bills you need it to get out of bed. It operatessimilarly to any other loan type; however, once your loan has been approved,the money can be used to pay off high-interest debts such as credit cards, and personal loans, education loans etc. Certain types of debt such as car loans and mortgages cannot be paid off with a debt consolidation loan. To find out more information on what kind of debt is eligible for a debt consolidation loan, give us a call today.

    Reasons for debt consolidation:

    Below mentioned are reasons why one should consider debt consolidation:
    1. Your living expenses have drastically increased and you are finding it difficult to make the monthly payments.
    2. Your high-interest credit card debts are taking a significant piece of your budget, and this can be a potential reasonyou’ve been denied a loan from a bank.
    3. You’ve been making your repayments by using a bank overdraft or a line of credit.
    4. You’re unable to mortgage refinance to consolidate your debts as you have done in the past.
    5. You are hit with so many debt payments, that it is extremely difficult to keep track of all of them, leading you to completely miss paying out or make partial payments.
    6. Your different financial struggles have built up over time like Loan payments such as reduced income, unaffordable car loan payments etc.

    Things to consider when applying for a debt consolidation loan

    If you are planning on applying for a debt consolidation loan, you will be glad to know that there are various options to pick from. Below mentioned are three factors that you must consider when determining which options best suit your specific requirements.

    1. What is the current loan amount available?:

    Debt consolidation loans work best when you can pay off all your high-interest debt. You need to find a lender who is willing to approve the correct amount.

    2. Annual Percentage Rate (APR):

    The annual percentage rate is one of the most important things to bear in mind. It is the annual total cost of borrowing. The debt consolidation loan you choose should not only help you get debt-free quicker but also save you money in the long run.

    3. Loan fees:

    You must take into consideration all the fees associated with your debt consolidation loan. Even if you receive a low-interest rate, having to cover the excess fees will negate the savings. Additionally, you must also take into consideration prepayment penalties for the loans you plan to pay off with your debt consolidation loan.

    How to apply for a debt consolidation loan:

    • Identify the correct lender and fill out an application. Many lenders will enquire with the borrowers why they are applying for a loan. You need to specify to the lender that it’s for debt consolidation.
    • After that, you will need to submit the necessary documents, finalize the application, and decide if a debt consolidation loan is the right choice based on your current financial situation.
    • Ensure you receive your loan through direct deposit
    • Avoid taking on any more high-interest debt
    • Make sure the debt consolidation loan is paid on time
    Debt Consolidation Loan mississauga

    Debt consolidation loan for individuals with poor credit

    Banks usually expect their loan applicants to have a good history when applying for a debt consolidation loan. If your credit score is not the best, you are most likely to get rejected for a debt consolidation loan from traditional lenders. Individuals whose credit score is poor should consider the following solutions when deciding to apply for a debt consolidation loan:


    • Getting a family member to co-sign a loan
    • Secured debt consolidation loans from various lenders
    • Credit card balance transfers

    If you are willing to make considerable changes to your lifestyle and decide to get out of debt and make a fresh start, then debt consolidation is a fantastic alternative. A single, consolidated monthly repayment plan is financially easier to manage. However, you must keep in mind that lowering the interest rate will lead to lower monthly payment and lesser interest. To schedule an appointment for a debt consolidation loan in Mississauga or for more information, speak with a member of our team today.

    You must satisfy all of the requirements for credit cards that qualify for the debt consolidation loan program. The average score can reach 600, but many bad-credit lenders offer lower scores than 580. Almost every bank offers free tools that help you track a person’s score.
    The applicant must have permanent working conditions and the maximum wage should be at least 3000 per month for this position. Applications must be from 18 to 65. The applicants may apply for an affordable loan from R10000 until R18000, depending on the available funds. Structured repayment periods ranging from a month to 72.
    There are various options for reducing debt which may be challenging. You should understand the options before making a decision. For all debt control methods there are several ways for debt management. Use financial calculators or credit score calculators based on current financial conditions to make an informed decision.

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