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    What is a Self-Employed Mortgage?

    There is no rewarding feeling than being a self-employed individual. However, it does come with certain challenges and levels of stress. Even when you are working tirelessly to establish your business, several factors play in when it comes to a self-employed mortgage. Traditional lenders like banks and credit unions will make it difficult for you to get your mortgage application approved, but with Harpreet Puri, you can rely on our team to help your self-employed mortgage be approved in no time. as we have special progress for self employed from different lenders.

    Making the mortgage application process less stressful

    It can be quite a challenge to qualify for a mortgage when it comes to self-employed individuals in the Brampton area. Being a business owner is challenging yet rewarding, and reducing your taxable income makes it all the more challenging to qualify for a mortgage you so rightly deserve. At Harpreet Puri, we have built a solid reputation over the years with various private mortgage lenders throughout Brampton, ensuring you get the best mortgage options based on your financial situation and specific mortgage needs. You can rest assured; that these lenders understand entirely that self-employed individuals have tax write-offs when it comes to declaring their income. If you need help with a self-employed mortgage in Brampton, there is only one name you can count on to get the job done.

    What exactly is a self-employed mortgage?

    If you are a self-employed individual that is applying for a mortgage, you need to have at least a minimum or more of the equity in the business to be considered a self-employed individual. However, one of the most challenging things a self-employed person can face is getting a mortgage approval. As their source of income is not regular traditional lenders have special program for them. Also some private lenders will approve your application if you can prove to them that you have a reliable source of income. At Harpreet Puri, our team of experienced mortgage agents has the expertise to help self-employed individuals with their mortgage needs. Please schedule an appointment with our agents today.

    Pros of using the mortgage agents at Harpreet Puri for a self-employed mortgage in Brampton:

    • They provide the client with a complete range of mortgage options and find the best interest rates and terms
    • The mortgage application process is hassle-free and simple.
    • They provide expert advice that is personalized to the client’s needs.
    • Experienced and highly knowledgeable mortgage agent.

    You do not have to take the extra step to get your mortgage application approved. With the help of our agents at Harpreet Puri, you can get your loan in no time without any stress. Call our team today for more information on self-employed mortgages in Brampton.

    Why should one choose a self-employed mortgage in Brampton?

    Hassle-free approvals

    A few mortgages can take weeks, sometimes even months, for them to get approved. Sometimes, even your application can get denied. By choosing a right mortgage agent, you can get approved in a matter of hours if all the necessary documentation and requirements check out. Our mortgage agents will strive to get your self-employed mortgage approved on the same day, but it depends on how complex your mortgage request is. Over the years, we have built a solid network with lenders across Brampton. So, even if your credit score is poor and you have outstanding debts, our mortgage agents can still find the right lender to help with your mortgage request.

    Get approved easily and quickly with a self-employed mortgage

    With most mortgages, it can take weeks, sometimes even months, for you to get your mortgage approved. In some instances, the lender can even deny your mortgage application. Opting for a self-employed mortgage ensures that you get approved for a stated income mortgage within a couple of hours. Once you submit your mortgage application to the professionals at Harpreet Puri Mortgage, you can rest assured; we can get your mortgage approval on the same day in some instances. Depending on how complex your loan request is, we have an extensive network of lenders that work with us closely that can get your mortgage approved in as little as 48 hours. We even have lenders with whom we have a great relationship that approves your mortgage application without even undertaking a credit check. So, even if you have a poor credit score or have outstanding high-interest debts, we can still help you qualify for a self-employed mortgage, and most importantly, find the right solution for you.

    You can get qualified for a more considerable mortgage amount

    One of the other reasons is that as an applicant for a self-employed mortgage, you can qualify for a higher mortgage amount if the lender accepts your requirements.

    You can qualify for the best rates with a self-employed mortgage

    Various mortgage lenders offer self-employed individuals different mortgages with low rates and terms based on their specific needs. If you are a self-employed person that can make a sizeable down payment amount or provide proof of your source of income, you can even get qualified for lower rates and the best terms. Based on the interest rate and premium in savings, it can prove to be a wise investment. Our mortgage agents at Harpreet Puri can offer expert advice on what self-employed mortgage is the best to suit your requirements. Contact us today for more information.

    How to get the best interest rates for a self-employed mortgage in Brampton?

    If you are self-employed and looking for the lowest mortgage rates, below-mentioned is some tips:

    • Take a look at your credit report and find out anything that can improve your score. A credit score of 720 is ideal.
    • Make a down payment amount that you know you can afford.
    • Carry out your research and identify different mortgage lenders, including rates and terms, to determine which mortgage lender is offering the best terms.
    • Go for a mortgage plan with a shorter term. Choosing a 20-year or 15-year mortgage ensures you get a lower interest rate.
    • Pay upfront if you can; it can potentially help you get a lower interest rate.

    Get professional help in applying for a self-employed mortgage in Brampton

    If you are a self-employed individual with a poor credit history, our mortgage agents have the knowledge and experience to help secure the best rates and terms. For further information or to schedule an appointment, please do not hesitate to reach out to our mortgage agents today. We offer our services throughout Brampton.

    We provide our clients with unbiased guidance in their mortgage decisions and work tirelessly to explore their financing options. Contact our team today to schedule an initial consultation.

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